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    Was just looking at a thread on steam, which got me wondering.

    What Keyboard and mice are people using?

    I am still using my Logitech G15 which I got in 2005, though the back lighting needs sorting as its really dim, the lcd screen is still working fine though, never really found the need to upgrade it, does everything it always did. Though lately possibly a mechanical keyboard maybe on the cards, i just cannot find one I am happy with and as this still works I cannot justify the expense really. (plus I have a 2nd one too, thanks to maverick) :)

    It also got me thinking about my mouse, I still think my older mx1000 was the most comfortable mouse that I have used, given my big hands, though over the years I have had to replace it, Not sure anythign Ive used since has been a comfortable, I have tried quite a few, I even still have a working mx revolution, but mainly as the shape just is not comfortable the way I use it, so its hardly been used, looks brand new. The problem with the revolution is the same with quite a few new mice, they seem too sculptured to how some people hold the mouse, i do not use my hand as such, just my finger tips, anyhoo I digress.

    For the last 8 years I've gone back to simple 3 button Microsoft mouse, though I have gone through a few, however they are now getting hard to find as ms changed the design, not sure how the new one will feel, just hope my current one lasts much longer.

    Just wondering how many of us are still using old faithful tech, or have you all upgraded to the latest and greatest, though I still think appearance/feature wise the g15 is hard to beat, maybe if they released a mechanical version :)
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