New Profile Posts

  1. Ryan
    I'd like to welcome myself to the 5.0Ghz club.
  2. Mcewan
    No Wonkas have been spotted on the island...
  3. silentkiller2
    hmm do I go home early today to play PUBG?, no-ne would know!
  4. Stalker
    Wonka is in the plane and ready to go!!!!!
  5. DocStone
    Aye, the wind fair makes the flange flap.
  6. Stalker
    jumping out of planes in your underpants, whats not to like
  7. sas-strikez
    I mostly play tiberian sun if any wanna join be nice thx again :)
  8. sas-strikez
    hi thanks for accepting me really awesome
  9. Kinetic
    Kinetic Penn
    hi mate check your email or private forums regarding wildlands invite :)
  10. Kinetic
    Kinetic DocStone
    hi mate check your email or private forums regarding wildlands invite :)
  11. Laneyyy
    Laneyyy DocStone
    1. DocStone
      Tastes like candy floss
      Oct 21, 2016
  12. Penn
    Annnnnnnd we're back!
  13. Stalker
    Doc, we've gone back in time!
    1. DocStone likes this.
  14. Emarr
    Emarr TB
    Thanks for the invite.
  15. DocStone
    DocStone Fi5hboNe
    Nothing to see here either.....
  16. Fi5hboNe
    Fi5hboNe DocStone
    nothing to see here
  17. 1C3CR34M
    1C3CR34M TB
    What's the TS address?
  18. bakh
    bakh DocStone
    hello DocStone :) Please restart the SAS Server INVASION/ Game: Running with rifles. Server is stuck - it does not allow us to respawn
    Thanks in advance!
  19. Fi5hboNe
    Fi5hboNe DocStone
    LOL I like the way the server asks you... "are you sure you want to befriend Docstone" he he he
  20. Fi5hboNe
    Fi5hboNe DocStone
    Hey Doc could you stick up an Elite Dangerous channel in Team Speak please sir
  21. Pinky Stavo
    Pinky Stavo Rhysbeast
    Welcome to the forums dude
  22. Pinky Stavo
    Pinky Stavo Lucian
    Welcome to the boards matey. Watch out for Sabre's!

    PS We have maps :)
  23. Fi5hboNe
  24. Simon
    Simon Pinky Stavo
    pinky what happened to the tea baggers dayz server?
  25. Capt.America
  26. Simon
    Simon Nick
    nick get on ts we need you :D
  27. H0NEYL00PS
  28. JakGun
    JakGun Sparky*
  29. Falcon_II
    Falcon_II Capt.America
    Hello cappy you remember the two hard drives that customs destroyed i33 time, The drive i managed to recover has finaily given up the ghost. :-( you got anymore LOL
  30. Falcon_II
    Falcon_II Anarchy
    RIP Glad to have met you and your dancing fingers. bet your fighting the red devils from up there knife in hand.
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